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Post Falls Junior Tackle & Cheer

Post Falls Jr. Tackle Football Rules: Grades 5-8

Schedule: Will be scheduled by each teams head coach

  • We will play by High School rules except for:

  • Each player is expected to play a minimum of 20 plays (5-6th grade) or 12 plays (7-8th grade) including special teams. See Mandatory Play Rule Policies for more details.

  • Quarters will be 10 minutes long.

  • Halftime will be 10 minutes long.

  • There will be NO ball carrier weight limit.

  • Kickoffs will start from the 40-yard line.

  • Punts and extra points will be live.

  • Extra Point Scoring will be: 1 point for a successful run or pass. 2 points for a successful kick.

  • The chain crew will be on the home team side of the field, and will be provided by the home team.

  • When a team is 21 or more points ahead in the second half a running clock CAN be imposed at the losing coaches discretion. 

  • Any games missed due to weather are not guaranteed to be made up.

  • Sideline misconduct or unsportsmanlike conduct are both assessed to the head coach. This includes actions of parents, guardians, assistant coaches, and players. We hold our coaches responsible to maintain a positive sideline demeanor. On the 2nd flag in a single-game for these violations, the head coach will be ejected.

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