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Post Falls Junior Tackle & Cheer

Fitz League Rules: Grades 3-4

Schedule: Practice Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Games on Wednesdays @5:30

Players will participate in a minimum of 20 playes in each eligible game.

  • Practices are held from approximately 5:30pm-7:00pm at a location in Post Falls.

  • Games will start at 5:30 with 30-minute running clock halves and a 5-minute halftime

  • No Blitzing: Linebackers should read and fill holes but no pre-snap jumps.

  • Mandatory 4-4 stack defense.

  • Defensive ends must be lined up directly in front of the tackle or tight end.

  • Defensive tackles must line up directly in front of guards. 

  • Offense starts with the ball, starts at the 40-yard line.

  • Offense will take snaps from under-center.

  • Shotgun snaps are not allowed in grades 3-4.

  • Fumbles and Interceptions will cause a non-advanceable change of possession and the ball will be placed on the 40.

  • After week one bobbled center-QB exchanges are a live fumble and can be recovered (Week 1 is a dead-ball).

  • After week one we use a 45 second play clock (violations result in a loss-of-down).

  • We allow one and often two coaches to be on the field with the players to help them line up and call plays in grades 3-4.

  • Any games missed due to weather are not guaranteed to be made up.

  • Penalties are coached and corrected, but are not penalized for yardage. This is a fundamental football league in grades 3-4.

  • Sideline misconduct or unsportsmanlike conduct are both assessed to the head coach. This includes actions of parents, guardians, assistant coaches, and players. We hold our coaches responsible to maintain a positive sideline demeanor. On the 2nd flag in a single-game for these violations, the head coach will be ejected.

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